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The high-tech MonsterTrack control system tracks system use, controls receiving machinery and records data. This controller helps make JWC’s Honey Monster Septage Receiving System more efficient, with quick discharge times of five to 10 minutes, plus the driver can initiate the entire process with a swipe of an access card, therefore no plant personnel is needed. MonsterTrack includes a card reader, receipt printer, data recorder and Com-pactFlash memory package. To start the process, drivers simply connect, swipe their card and start the flow; MonsterTrack takes care of the rest. The system stores data such as: operator ID, discharge quality, total gallons, pH, electronic billing data and more. The recorded data is stored in raw text or ASCII format and can be transferred via the system’s CompactFlash card or an optional RS232 serial connection. This data can be imported into the operator’s own tracking software or via a JWC tracking template.