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Powerwave finding success in Kuwait stimulation operations

Through its strategic marketing partner, Gulf Drilling and Maintenance Company ("GDMC"), Edmonton-based Wavefront Technology Solutions continues to build the Powerwave brand in Kuwait. Over the past several months GDMC has been carrying out very successful Powerwave well stimulation operations in challenging reservoir conditions that have garnered attention by engineers at the state owned national oil company. In certain instances these stimulations followed failed attempts by leading global service providers to stimulate the reservoir and improve oil production or water injection rates. Powerwave is also being promoted internally at the national oil company by "technology champions" who are organizing seminars and disseminating results through poster boards.

Edmonton-based Wavefront making inroads with Powerwave in Middle East

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. has been making convincing progress in the marketing and branding of Wavefront's core technology, Powerwave, in the Middle East over the past eighteen months. The benefits of Wavefront's focused efforts in the Middle East and the positive Powerwave performance are producing additional opportunities that are now being presented to the Company. Within the focus areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Kuwait; Oman; and Bahrain there are approximately 10,000 oil and gas and water injection wells applicable to well stimulation where Powerwave could be employed.

Wavefront Introduces New WaveAxe Stimulation Approach For Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage ("SAGD") Well Pairs

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc., a technology provider offering the highly effective Powerwave fluid delivery technology to energy producers for maximizing oil and gas reserves, has announced it has entered into a technology co-ownership agreement with a Canadian integrated energy company to adapt existing Powerwave technology for SAGD operations.

Largest Colombian oil producer to apply Powerwave

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce Colombia’s largest oil producer, Ecopetrol, has awarded Wavefront a contract worth approximately US $600,000 to implement Powerwave.

Injection technology designed to improve production

Powerwave technology is designed to significantly improve injection performance and generate overall production increases. Wavefront’s patented process is an injection technology that improves the flow of fluids such as gas and oil in geological materials. Powerwave generates a fluid pressure pulse that causes a momentary elastic flexure of a given geological pore structure. This pressure pulse moves fluid into and out of a larger number of pore networks, obtaining a more uniform injection front and resulting in increased oil recovery.   

TriAxon Oil Corp to deploy six Powerwave systems

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. has announced that Alberta based TriAxon Oil Corp will deploy six Powerwave systems to increase water injection rates and unlock more oil from its production operations. (Under the terms of the agreement the field location and financial terms cannot be released.)  

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