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Blankets Offer Uniform Heating Technology

Every January and February, the oil and gas industry struggles to meet peak consumer demands due to equipment breakdown, power outages and the other unrelenting physical effects of freezing temperatures.

Flexible tank wraps protect against freezing

Powerblanket offers a variety of tank wraps designed to heat and maintain temperature in large holding tanks. Ideal for oil and gas, mining, and other applications, these tank wraps create a barrier of insulated warmth to keep fluids from freezing and viscous materials flowing. Powerblanket tank wraps use GreenHeat Technology, a heat spreading system designed to deliver a highly efficient and uniform distribution of heat. The blankets are flexible enough to cover anything from 20-pound propane tanks to 30,000-gallon water tanks, and are easily secured with a nylon strap and magnet system, providing a snug fit that maximizes performance.

Heated pipe wraps provide freeze protection

Featuring patented GreenHeat Technology and designed to fit nearly any size pipe, Powerblanket’s new Pipe Wraps provide an environmentally friendly heating solution for freeze protection and rapid thawing of pipelines in oil fields, mining operations and other industrial applications. These lightweight wraps can be used to heat pipes, manifolds, pumps, hoses and other temperature-sensitive equipment. GreenHeat Technology is a heat spreading system that uses aerospace heating designs to deliver a highly efficient and uniform distribution of heat while consuming low levels of energy.