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Storage cover aids in reducing VOCs

From the sky, Greatario Covers Inc.’s new oil and gas tank covers look just like any tank cover. In reality, the Crude Oil Vapour Emission Reduction System (COVERS) is a series of hexagonal shapes with symmetric ribs on both sides that allow the floating structures to form an interconnecting blanket barrier at the surface of the heavy oil.

Agreement Provides Efficient Solutions for Effective Water Treatment in Oil & Gas Production

DuPont Water Technologies (DuPont) and SnS Resources, Inc. has announced that the companies have entered into a strategic agreement that will provide oil and gas producers with access to efficient solutions for effective water treatment. The agreement authorizes SnS Resources the ability to implement the DuPont Partner Program within the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Spray cabin designed for whole-garment testing

On display for the first time in North America at the 2010 Global Petroleum Show, the DuPont Spray Cabin is designed to protect industrial workers, including those in the oil and gas industry.  While ISO 16602 is an international standard for classifying the performance of chemical protective clothing, there is currently no comprehensive North American standard. The DuPont Spray Cabin is built to ISO specifications for “whole garment” testing using a coloured, non-hazardous, water-based indicator chemical. According to the company, there are six levels of performance, each of which requires testing both the “fabric” and the “whole garment”.