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Volvo Trucks Introduces Innovative Approach to Fleet Management Services by Telogis

Volvo Trucks is complementing its Remote Diagnostics connected vehicle platform with the introduction of fleet management services provided by Telogis, a leading provider of cloud-based location intelligence software. Volvo’s integrated connected vehicle hardware, standard on new Volvo-powered Volvo trucks, allows motor carriers to utilize Telogis’ best-in-class Fleet, Compliance and Navigation applications, while eliminating hardware purchases and installation costs traditionally associated with fleet management systems. Actionable information delivered through the Telogis platform helps motor carriers control costs, increase safety and hours-of-service compliance, improve customer service and enhance operations.

Telematics suite meets challenges of oil and gas operations

Drivers whose vehicles are delivering soda or groceries within cities are used to simple routes from one stop to another and back to the office. Managing large fleets of those vehicles is relatively simple. But what happens when managers need to keep track of their fleets across tens of thousands of acres of rural and industrial roads?