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Address 6120 S Yale Ave Ste 1700, Tulsa, OK, 74136, US
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T.D. Williamson introduces 4-inch inspection tool for small diameter, low pressure pipelines

T.D. Williamson (TDW) has commercialized a 4-inch magnetic flux leakage (MFL) + deformation (DEF) + internal versus external discrimination (IDOD) tool that helps ensure pipeline integrity by detecting pitting and general corrosion as well as interacting features such as dents with metal loss in small diameter, low pressure pipelines.   

Landslide prompts big pipeline relocation

Every once in a while, the earth reminds us of its immense power and, in consequence, the insignificance of man’s plans and projects. Recently, a landslide in a mountainous area of Turkey provided just such a reminder to the operators of a pipeline running through the region.

Canadian Operator Successfully Moves Gas Pipeline

Rerouting a section of a natural gas pipeline is always a complex project. But one of Canada’s largest pipeline companies found the endeavour even more challenging when it was mandated to relocate a pipeline in an environmentally and politically sensitive area on a tight timetable.

Inline inspection tool

T.D. Williamson, Inc. (TDW) recently launched its 20-inch Multiple DataSet (MDS) inline inspection tool containing Deformation, axial Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), SpirALL MFL (SMFL), Low Field MFL (LFM) and XYZ Mapping. The successful inspection of a 109-mile, 20-inch pipeline took place in Illinois.

Inline pipe inspection successful despite rough weather conditions

T.D. Williamson successfully completed the inline inspection (ILI) of a key North Sea pipeline on behalf of Perenco UK. The operation was carried out on the 24-inch line that links the Trent Platform with the Bacton Terminal pipeline.
TDW conducted this intelligent inspection and associated pipeline service operation as part of Perenco’s strategic program to ensure the integrity of its pipelines and assets.

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Pipeline integrity centre to be created in Utah

T.D. Williamson, Inc. has announced plans for the creation of a Global Pipeline Integrity Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Once complete, this world-class showcase facility will combine the TDW inline inspection engineering, manufacturing, operations, service centre, and data analysis functions in one location. Situated close to the airport in the Salt Lake International Center, this new site will double the current TDW footprint in Salt Lake City and is indicative of the ongoing TDW investment in inline inspection.

Spiral magnetic flux leakage inspection tool

In 2010, T.D. Williamson, Inc. (TDW) announced the debut of its patent pending Spiral Magnetic Flux Leakage (SMFL) inspection tool, the latest addition to its range of magnetic flux leakage inspection tools.