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Drillable reaming system successful

Deep Casing Tools has completed its first operation in the Norwegian North Sea with a very successful 21 hour reaming run. Two conventional attempts to run a 7-inch liner to total depth (TD) had been unsuccessful in the Statoil operated Gullfaks’ satellite well, resulting in the liner hanging up hundreds of metres from TD.

Drillable reaming system

Suitable for all rig types, the Turbocaser Express is a high-speed drillable reaming system that enables drilling teams to land casings and intermediate liners at target depth first time; enhancing integrity and allowing wells to be drilled as planned. The tool eliminates the need for wiper trips and also renders it unnecessary to rotate the casing string. Manufactured as a single body from high-strength steel, the Turbocaser Express is fully high pressure/high temperature compliant and works with any drilling fluid without deterioration in power output, reliability or performance. Operating at a low pump rate and low pressure, the tool delivers high speed reaming of up to 1500RPM.