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Torque measurement and control system

Designed for rotary driven drilling rigs, the Rigworks “Sentry Torque System” is a complete torque measurement and controller system with standard analog frequency and digital outputs. These sensors are engineered to prevent over-torque on drill pipe, which damages threaded joints on the drill string. Units are capable of being interfaced with an automatic drilling system to control drill string torque, and according to Rigworks, the Sentry is the first to read true torque on the drill string through the rotary table. Key features include: very low maintenance requirements; few moving parts; accuracy of + / – 0.05; and simple installation on most rotary-driven rigs. Units can monitor real time torque from any drilling location, including torque ranges up to 200,000 lb-ft. The system also saves data for future reference, and is compatible with most drilling rig monitoring systems.