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Two-speed drive for uses needing high turndown ratio and high torque

Force Control Industries announces their Two Speed Drive for applications up to 30 HP that require a high turndown ratio while maintaining high torque. Unlike variable speed motors which lose torque or develop heat problems at very low speed, the Force Control Two Speed Drive eliminates those problems with secondary speeds as low as 60:1 while still maintaining full torque continuously. This unique drive includes a brake motor with a low speed drive built in. This provides precise low speed control with continuous high torque as well as high speed capability in one compact package. Additional benefits include the simplicity of a mechanical drive which is easily maintained by local mechanical maintenance staff, and not affected by electrical line spikes, lightning, or other electrical issues. Totally enclosed units are ideal for dusty, dirty, or wet environments, even outdoors. Force Control Two Speed Drives are ideal for transfer or lift systems and more.