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Bedrock Automation and Wood partner to advance Open Secure Automation

Bedrock Automation, the maker of the world's most secure open industrial control system (ICS), has established a partnership agreement with Wood, a globally recognized integration provider.  Under the agreement, Wood's automation and control group will deliver Bedrock Open Secure Automation (OSA) to its clients in energy and industrial markets. Wood has active membership in The Open Process Automation Forum, which is focused on the development of a standards-based, open, secure, interoperable process control architecture. 

New white paper from Bedrock Automation enables comparison and calculation of industrial control system life cycle costs

Bedrock Automation, maker of the Bedrock Open Secure Automation (OSA) system, has announced the availability of the fifth in its series of white papers supporting implementation of Open Secure Automation (OSA). The new whitepaper, Chapter Five: Industrial Control Systems Life Cycle Cost Analysis – Quantitative Evaluation, delineates 450 different factors that impact costs across the following six phases of the industrial control system (ICS) life cycle: engineering, installation, commissioning, maintenance, system and cyber security.

Lower-cost, high performance controller introduced by Bedrock Automation

Bedrock Automation, maker of the Bedrock Open Secure Automation (OSA) system, has introduced a lower-cost and high-performance controller that combines PLC, RTU and edge control; intrinsic cyber security; and universal I/O into a compact standalone module that is ideal for remote monitoring and control applications. The Bedrock OSA Remote is configured with the standard Bedrock IEC 61131-3 engineering tools, and features a wide operating temperature range, a hardened metal enclosure, and pricing below conventional mini PLCs or RTUs. 

Bedrock releases SCADA security platform specification for OPC UA

Bedrock Automation has published a concise, easy-to-deploy interface specification that enables users and application developers to take advantage of the security capabilities of OPC UA communications software. By following the simple procedures outlined in the Bedrock SCADA Security Platform Specification, developers can upgrade any OPC UA compliant client into a highly secure OPC UA channel, across which users can exchange data between plant floor operations and SCADA applications. 

White paper discusses best practices for ICS cyber security

Bedrock Automation, the maker of the world's first Open Secure Automation (OSA) platform, has released an informative white paper on the cyber security vulnerabilities and defense of industrial control systems. The 20-page document, Securing Industrial Control Systems - Best Practices, covers the threat landscape and presents a holistic approach to defending it, including assessing risk, physical security, network security, workstation and server security, as well as the fundamentals of OSA.

Growing midstream service provider picks Bedrock control system

Pinnacle Midstream, a Houston-based supplier of storage and processing services for the oil and gas industry, has selected the Bedrock  control system as the automation platform for its crude oil receipt and delivery points. The Bedrock system will coordinate flow of product from partners, through the Pinnacle processing facilities and onto refiners and shippers. Pinnacle chose Bedrock system for its scalability, ease of engineering, ruggedness, cost efficiencies and intrinsic cyber security.  

20-channel discrete output module

Bedrock Automation, maker of the world’s first Open Secure Automation (OSA) platform has set another benchmark in I/O price/performance with the release of a cyber secure 20-channel discrete output (DO) module for its Bedrock OSA system. The new SIO8.20 DO enables software selectable electronic fusing, latching and fail-safe shutdown for each 24 VDC output at 1 A max current per channel. It provides galvanically-isolated output switching in a rugged, all-metal enclosure, and one of the smallest footprints in the industry. Delivering programmable electrical capability within the cyber secure Bedrock control platform reduces the cost, maintenance and vulnerability of external electrical connectors.

The SIO8.20 is designed with Bedrock’s patented Black FabricTM Cybershield protection built in from the start.  Its combination of capabilities and benefits are unprecedented against typical DCS or PLC offerings, including: 
  • Reduced Footprint, via 20 galvanically-isolated DO channels delivering one of the highest possible density of channels per inch for optimization of rack space. 
  • Programmable Electronic Fusing. Each of its 20 channels are electronically fused to a programmable threshold up to 1 amp per channel.
  • Overcurrent Retry, which enables programming a channel to latch off and retry during   overcurrent.  
  • Failsafe Output, which protects the module if communication with the controller fails, directing output to a configured fail-safe value or holding it at last known value.
  • Extreme Hardening and Long Life, thanks to a pinless backplane Interconnection andsealed all-metal construction, protecting against extreme temperature EMI and EMP in compliance with the highest military standards.
  • Scalable Redundancy, with user-selectable single/dual/triple redundancy.
  • Extreme Digital Performance, with a 32bit Secure ARM and an additional microcontroller on each of the 20 DO channels, to deliver unparalleled speed and diagnostics.  Integrated Support of IEEE 1588 time precision protocol enables SOE synchronization with +/- 0.5mSec accuracy on all channels.
Control application developers can integrate all such features for discrete, hybrid and continuous control applications using the Bedrock IEC 61131-3 compatible engineering environment, which can be downloaded free at www.bedrockautomation.com.

Standalone Li-Ion UPS from Bedrock Automation sets new performance and cyber security standard for industrial control system backup

Bedrock Automation has introduced a cyber secure, standalone Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for industrial control system applications. The Bedrock UPS.500 features powerful onboard electronics that enhance the performance advantages of lithium ion (Li-Ion) polymer battery technology, manage Bedrock’s patented deep authentication cyber protection and enable secure Ethernet communications. A sealed NEMA4x aluminum housing provides protection from cyber tampering and enables use amidst the most challenging field installations.

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