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Certified connector solutions keep fibre optic cabling safer

As automation continues to expand into diverse industrial sectors, the demand of fibre optic cable is already following suit and will continue to grow. For example, in both offshore and land-based oil rigs and platforms, high-speed fibre optic cable is required to control automation as well as monitor equipment status and communicate predictive notifications when components are in danger of failing. These capabilities create enormous cost savings by avoiding extended downtime due to catastrophic equipment failures.

Fibre optics bring plug and play ethernet connectivity to oil and gas

The recent Santa Barbara, CA oil spill is yet another example of the need to monitor and control pipelines to prevent breaches that could endanger life and property for hundreds of miles overland and along coastlines. According to the Los Angeles News Group, the spill of more than 100,000 gallons of oil resulted from the failure of monitoring equipment to detect leaks in a corroded pipeline and to automatically shut off valves supplying the oil.

Deployable Fibre-Optic Systems Boost Reliability and Performance.

As the use of fibre optics has increased in the oil and gas industry to enhance production – via better data reliability, availability and performance than traditional copper communication systems – so have the number of “deployable” systems used in remote locations.