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Layfield installed these large water treatment ponds in Alberta to protect the nearby river from contamination.
Layfield manufactures, fabricates, installs, and distributes geosynthetics products across Canada and in the Western United States. We are specialists in geomembranes and floating covers from municipal ponds and reservoirs to oil refinery secondary containments.
Layfield installed this large floating cover in California to protect the potable water in this reservoir.
Layfield operates two construction companies; one based in Edmonton operating across Canada, and one in San Diego operating in the Western United States. Our San Diego construction group specializes in floating covers for municipal water storage while our Edmonton construction group are experts in oil field and refinery primary and secondary containment geomembranes. Layfield manufactures geomembranes in Vancouver Canada, and has major liner fabrication plants in Edmonton and San Diego, with smaller facilities in Seattle and Toronto.
Layfield supplied this woven geotextile to a contractor who used it to reinforce the parking lot they were building.
Layfield also distributes geosynthetics for a multitude of applications. We supply many types of geotextiles and soil reinforcement materials to all types of contractors. We have geogrids, silt fence, erosion control, and many specialty products available in all regions.
Layfield's newest service is wick drain installation. Here we are inserting wick drains into the soil under a bridge foundation to speed soil consolidation.
Please visit our web site to see the hundreds of products and services available for all of your geosynthetics needs.

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Fuel containment liner meets ULC requirements

HAZGARD 535 by Layfield is now listed by ULC as a secondary containment liner for fuels in Canada. Manufactured in Layfield’s Vancouver geomembrane plant, this new material meets all of the ULC requirements for above ground secondary containment of flammable and combustible liquids (Class IA). HAZGARD 535 is fire retardant, UV stable, and has a -40 C handling temperature. HAZGARD 535 uses a next-generation non-halogenated fire retardant that is not harmful to the environment. This material can be placed under tanks in all types of facilities including earthen, concrete, and steel secondary containments. Section 4.3.7 of the National Fire Code (and most provincial Fire Codes) requires that secondary containment liners meet specific ULC requirements. The company has tested HAZGARD 535 liner material tested and listed by ULC to fully meet the Fire Code requirements. Suitable for above-ground tank farms containing gasoline, diesel, jet, and other fuels.