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MCI Solutions

Address 8540 Old Fort Road, Fort St. John, BC, V1J 4M7, CA
Phone 250-263-0977
Fax 250-263-0978
Email [email protected]
Website mcisolutions.ca

Company Description:

MCI Solutions, Fort St. John, BC, manufactures Solar-Electric powered Chemical Injection Pumps and N-Seal Adaptors for the oil and gas industry. 

Canada’s northern conditions - cold temperature extremes, 1.8 peak sunlight hours daily and geographic remoteness - demand reliable solutions. Production can result in chemical leaks, drive gas venting and chemical over injection. Today these costly problems can be greatly reduced or eliminated with currently available and field proven technology from MCI.

The use of Electric Chemical Pumps and N-Seal Adaptors can save thousands of dollars per pump annually, eliminate/ reduce harmful chemical discharge, increase chemical delivery performance, and pay for their implementation within months.

MCI Pump:

  •  Accurate injection rates even when well pressure varies - eliminates chemical over injection.
  •  Continuous pump operation - maximizes chemical dispersion.
  •  Simple, 3-button variable speed controller – “on / off”, “rate increase” and “rate decrease.”
  •  Control the plunger speed – chemical injection rates down to 0.10 L/ day.
  •  LED display screen – readability at -50C.
  •  Integrated, automatic low voltage disconnect - prevent battery damage.
  •  Fluid management (FMT) system - minimizes any chemical leaks to the environment.
  •  FMT fluid end - eliminates conventional V-Packing and the associated problems.
  •  1/8” NPT port – install a pressure transducer or other sensor between the check valves.
  •  FMT seal system - maximize chemical compatibility.   

N-Seal Adaptor: (video at http://www.mcisolutions.ca)

Eliminate conventional compression packing in 5100 Series pneumatic pumps. 

  •  Virtually zero chemical leaking. 
  •  Eliminate “stalling.”
  •  Reduce chemical over injection.
  •  50% less drive gas emissions. 
  •  5 psi drive gas.
  •  Field retrofittable – Arrow, Bruin, Texsteam, etc.  
Skid Package
Tank Skid