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Coker drum safety system introduced

 Designed to prevent unsafe actions by coker drum operators in crude oil refinery applications, SIS-TECH’s new Coker Drum Safety System (CDSS) automatically inhibits the opening of valves under unsafe process conditions. In a crude oil refinery, this prevents the release of hydrocarbons and/or hydrogen sulfide to the atmosphere, or introduction of hydrocarbons to an open drum. The CDSS logic solver makes sure that an in-service drum is not opened to the atmosphere, or that an open drum is not placed in service.  

Overfill protection system

The Automated Overfill Protection System (AOPS) is a safety instrumented system (SIS) that can prevent dangerous overfill conditions in terminals, tank farms and process vessels. The AOPS incorporates a non-programmable Logic Solver (suitable up to SIL-3) that receives signals from switches or transmitters, determines if an abnormal process condition is present, and provides outputs to close isolation valves, shut down transfer pumps, or open diversion valves. The system operates independently of the plant’s process control system with the capability to communicate to the control system via hardwire, Modbus, Ethernet or wireless communications.