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Vacuworx sets new standard for vacuum lifting with “H” models

Developed to meet customer requests for a cleaner, quieter lifter, the new hydraulic “H” models from Vacuworx feature the same powerful performance of Vacuworx diesel-powered systems with much lower operating costs. Available for the Vacuworx MC 5 and all RC series vacuum lifting systems, the hydraulic option takes lifting to the next level.

HDD Pipe Handling System

Vacuworx has launched a lightweight pipe handling system to lift and position drill stem in horizontal directional drilling operations.

Vacuum lifting systems

Vacuworx International manufactures, sells, leases, rents, and services vacuum lifting systems for the energy, general construction, infrastructure, and utility industries. Vacuworx Systems handle all forms of pipe, plate, and slabs including steel, plastic, concrete, and cast iron to name a few. Its lifting systems can be attached to host machines such as excavators, wheel or track loaders, cranes, pipe layers, and forklifts, and can handle surfaces with a variety of coatings as well as somewhat uneven surfaces. Five in-stock models are available with lifting capacities from the 3 to 20 tonnes. Lifters can be customized to accommodate a variety of applications and lifting needs.