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Gloves designed to protect from arc flash and more

Donning Arc flash clothing is a key factor in proper Arc flash protection and can increase the chances of survival against electrical Arc flash accidents. Built to protect, the FR Leather Utility glove is based on Youngstown’s proven ergonomic, 3-D performance glove pattern, which lends superior comfort and dexterity. Combined with Kevlar – a material with five times the strength of steel – and an impressive ARC rating, the result is a class-one product that is tough to beat.
Fully lined with Kevlar, the lightweight glove is cut-resistant keeping hands safe from wiring, sharp tools and more. The glove is National Electric Safety Code (NESC) ARC rated to 27.7 Cal/cm2 and has an impressive level 3 Hazard Risk Category (HRC) ranking making them ideal for jobs such as underground wire splicing or those involving the handling of knives. ARC ratings are determined by the amount of energy a fabric can withstand before the onset of a second-degree burn.

Gloves add impact protection

Youngstown Glove Company has introduced the Titan XT lined with Kevlar glove specifically made for safeguarding the top of hand from impact. Highly visible, cut-resistant and extraordinarily durable, the glove has proven useful in everything from mining and oil and gas extrication jobs to auto extrication tasks.