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Taylor Valve Technology

Address 8300 SW 8th, Oklahoma City, OK, 73128, US
Phone 405-787-0145
Fax 405-789-8198
Email [email protected]
Website taylorvalve.com

Julian Taylor founded Taylor Valve Technology, Inc. in 1958. Since then, the company has grown to offer a diverse product line applicable to a variety of industries.

Today, Taylor Valve Technology not only has a division that manufactures valves for fluid and gas transmission, plus spring and pilot-operated relief valves but also includes an additional division: Vaetrix, which is an innovative electronics manufacturing group.  

Taylor Valve Technology works closely with its two sister companies Rupture Pin Technology and Buckling Pin Technology, who specialize in emergency relief valves and emergency shut-down valves, respectively.  

We are committed to leading the industry with continued product research and development. Over 100 patents that were held by Julian Taylor are presently being used, and about five additional patents are issued to us each year. This continual emphasis on research and development ensures the creation of new and marketable products as we look towards the future.