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Serious Thermal Products

Address Site 15 Box 4 RR#7, Calgary, AB, T2P 2G7, CA
Phone 403-671-7393
Email [email protected]
Website serioustoaster.com


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Ground-thawing machine fast and efficient

Using patented infrared technology, the Serious Toaster ground thawing machine thaws frozen ground more than three times faster than similar competitive units, and it is the only CSA-approved product of its kind on the market, according to its manufacturer. Ideal for underground installations, each Toaster thaws up to 1.6 inches deep per hour in a 2-foot-by-10-foot area. Multiple units can be placed together in a series or any other configuration to accommodate larger applications. The Toasters are controlled by a solid-state electronic system, and they are fueled by clean-burning propane, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Furthermore, they do not produce open flames, so they can be safely placed next to buildings and utility pedestals.