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Volant’s Growth Spurred by Product & Service Demand

The Volant Group of Companies (Volant) has proudly announced expansion of its operations by taking lease of a new building space immediately North of its current headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. Volant has signed a long-term lease for an additional 36,000 ft² of space, bringing its total warehouse and office space to approximately 124,000 ft². This move is due to increased operations and staff expansion over the past year and to meet an ever increasing demand for its innovative product offerings within the oil & gas industry. Volant officially moved into the new space March 2nd, 2015.

Inner-string cementing tool

Volant offers the CMT, a tool that adapts CRTi architecture for inner-string cementing. The CMT tool is designed to work in conjunction with the CRTi casing running tools, taking advantage of the minimal rig in times. It clears up rig floor space normally used by large cementing lines. Volant’s CMT1-7.0 tool attaches to the CRTi1-7.0, CRTi2-7.0 and CRTi3-7.0 casing running tools.