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Victrex launches new cryogenics polymer for energy industry

Victrex has designed a new high-performance PEEK polymer to offer the cryogenics industry a sealing solution with a broader range of usage temperature compared to existing polymers such as PCTFE and is introducing its new VICTREX CT 200 for dynamic sealing applications where gases such as LNG are stored and transported at cryogenic temperatures [-150°C to -200°C (-238°F to -328°F)].

Partnership strengthens development of composite pipes for subsea work

Victrex and Magma Global Ltd. are continuing to build their strategic partnership targeted at the oil and gas industry. Following the joint development of Magma carbon composite m-pipe utilizing VICTREX PEEK, Victrex recently invested in a minority interest in Magma to further facilitate the adoption of its m-pipe for subsea applications. The investment is in line with Victrex´s strategy to create future value through innovation and further differentiation into selected semi-finished and finished products, in addition to supplying the core high performance polymer. 

Largest ever Victrex Peek-based structure designed to deliver subsea pumping relability in extreme subsea oil & gas operations

To reduce exploration and production costs and risks in subsea oil and gas systems, Magma Global Limited has developed flexible m-pipe technology. Their latest lightweight continuous pipe is both the largest and longest Victrex PEEK-based structure ever, achieved with the support and expertise of Victrex. It can be deployed to depths of 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) and handle pressures of up to 15 ksi (103MPa). The composite pipe combines PEEK, high-grade carbon fibre and S-2 Glass fibres to form a reliable subsea intervention line that meets the demand for a hydraulic pumping system that can handle high pressures and high flow rates.