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Subaru Industrial Power Products

Address 905 Telser Rd., Lake Zurich, IL, 60047, US
Phone 847-540-7300
Website subarupower.com

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Engine operates on propane or natural gas

Subaru’s new EPA/CARB certified EH72 LP/NG engine joins its extensive line of engines, and is the first and only Subaru engine with the ability to operate on either propane or natural gas. Optimized to run on gaseous fuel for heightened performance and durability, the environmentally friendly engine is ideal for use with small oil pumps used in oil drilling operations.

Conventional generators powered by EX overhead cam engines

Three new conventional generators from Subaru feature the latest models of EX series overhead cam engines. Available models include the RGX5100, RGX7100 and RGX7800. The generators are constructed of heavy-duty steel, making them durable enough to meet the demands of contractors and oil and gas industry pros.