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Wilks - A Spectro Scientific Company

Address 25 Van Zant Street, Ste. 8F, E. Norwalk, CT, 06855, US
Phone 203-855-9136
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Website wilksir.com

Wilks manufactures application specific, rugged, portable mid-infrared analyzers for a wide variety of measurement applications in the petrochemical, biofuels, environmental, quality control and manufacturing industries. They are designed for easy, on-site field or laboratory testing by non-technical personnel. In October 2013, Wilks was acquired by Spectro Scientific - a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical tools and software for the industrial performance fluids market. Wilks and Spectro Scientific share a common goal of providing customers with simple analytical solutions for practical on-site measurements.

Of particular interest to the oil and gas industry are the InfraCal Analyzers which are used worldwide for measuring oil in water for onshore and offshore oil production to ensure discharges meet permit regulations. Both the InfraCal Model HATR-T2 and new InfraCal 2 ATR-SP, use hexane, pentane or Vertrel MCA for the extraction process. Measurement data from either model will correlate to EPA Method 1664 as both procedures are based on evaporation techniques and measuring the residual oil and grease. They are equipped with a built-in cubic zirconia horizontal attenuated total reflection (HATR) stainless-steel sample stage on which the extract is deposited for analysis. The sample preparation takes a few simple steps and the ppm hydrocarbon result is obtained in less than 15 minutes. The InfraCal Model HATR-T2 has a minimum detectable limit of 8 ppm oil in water and the InfraCal 2 ATR-SP will measure down to 0.3 ppm.

Both the InfraCal Model CVH and new InfraCal 2 Model TRANS-SP are based on US EPA Methods 413.2 and 418.1 and ASTM D7066-04, which uses Freon 113, perchloroethylene, or   S-316, as the extracting solvent. Since the oil concentration is measured directly in the solvent, light end volatile components are retained, making it ideal for gas condensate measurements. The sample preparation takes a few simple steps and the result is obtained in less than 10 minutes. The InfraCal Model CVH has a minimum detectable limit of 2 ppm oil in water. It was one of the instruments used to develop the ASTM D7066 oil in water method. The InfraCal 2 TRANS-SP will measure down to 0.1 ppm.

In addition to lower detection limits, the InfraCal 2 analyzers have added features which include multiple calibrations to cover a larger range of analyses, data storage that tags measurements with analyst, date and time, and security features with different user access levels.

The InfraCal Analyzers are also ideal for measuring oil content in FRAC water and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil if a spill or pond leak occurs to determine the contaminated area.

In addition, the InfraCal Biodiesel and Ethanol Blend Analyzers are being used by the terminal managers of most major petroleum companies to ensure their biofuels blend meets specifications. Typical analysis time is under one minute.

InfraCal Analyzers measure oil and grease levels in produced water and wastewater in under 10-15 minutes and well over 3,000 are currently being used on oil drilling platforms and in refineries.
InfraCal Biodiesel and Ethanol Blend Analyzers are used by fuel distributors, engine manufacturers, fleet operators, terminal managers, and regulatory agencies to ensure the blend quality of fuels.
The factory-calibrated InfraCal Soot Meter is an ASTM approved method (D7686-11) for measuring the soot levels in in-service diesel lubricating oils in less than 30 seconds. Used by major oil and engine test labs.
The InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer enables non-technical personnel to quickly and accurately make measurements in the field, manufacturing plant, loading dock or wherever the analysis is needed for such applications as biofuels analysis including biodiesel and ethanol blend measurements and material verification of bulk liquid chemicals.

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