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HARTING expands cable choice for connector customers

HARTING has expanded the choice of cables customers can use in its Han 3 A size connectors. The Han 3 A now can be assembled with cable diameters as large as M25 instead of the previous limit of M20. This increase allows the connectors to be configured with any contact insert in the series, including those with higher rated current and bigger cross sections – such as the Han Q series. The hoods also meet the requirements of protection classes IP 65/67.

HARTING’s Han Q 3/0 and 4/0 inserts – power in a compact package

HARTING now offers size 3A crimp inserts that have a rated delivery capability of 55A at 40 degrees C, a lot of power for such a small package. These Han Q 3/0 and Han Q 4/0 inserts are designed to fit into any Han 3A housing – either the standard metal, EMC (high shielding), HPR (external power) or Han-INOX (stainless steel) housing. Each Han Q 3/0 module is a compact 42 mm2, features three contacts plus a ground and can accommodate wires ranging from 8 AWG to 16 AWG. This insert is particularly well-suited for semi-conductor production and motor applications that call for three poles and a ground.

HARTING extends Han-INOX stainless steel series with new size 10 B covers, housing

HARTING has extended the application possibilities for its Han-INOX stainless steel product series with new covers for hoods and bulkhead housings in size 10 B. In addition, a bulkhead housing with integral cover and coupling housing, also for size 10 B, has been introduced. Han-INOX is designed for rugged and highly sensitive applications where a high-grade stainless steel exterior is required. Han-INOX is IP-65 compliant, suitable for applications in industries like oil and gas, petrochemical production, water filtration and wastewater systems.