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International Road Dynamics Inc.

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Company Description:

IRD entered the early Telematics market in a partnership with the Province of Saskatchewan to verify compliance of oversize commercial vehicles with permit operating restrictions. Tracking and reporting of routes taken by permitted trucks by day of week, and time of day, allowed the Province to verify compliance while improving road safety.

Fortified by the success of the Saskatchewan and a growing business opportunity, IRD acquired the North American in-vehicle systems business from Siemens VDO Automotive. IRD improved the VDO product with communications modules for SaskTel and Telus to better satisfy the requirements of the oil and gas market in Western Canada. IRD developed many industry-specific Telematics applications, including personal panic buttons, explosives monitoring, and monitoring transported nuclear material.

IRD later formed a partnership with the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) to introduce Telematics into the forestry industry. Projects were completed with both the Federal and Provincial governments to allow forest industry companies to extend their logging season by several weeks and to greatly reduce cost by acting on current and accurate vehicle data.

IRD growth has continued in the Telematics space through the launch of FleetSphere™ Solutions Suite, the most comprehensive web-hosted Telematics system available today. IRD protects customers from technology obsolescence by using multiple manufacturers’ GPS “black boxes” and delivering information to customers in actionable formats across multiple platforms.

Active Tracking

In “Active Tracking” the movement of vehicles is shown in real time over a map background. By clicking on a vehicle it is possible to display the status of the vehicle along with the events occuring in transit.

Historical Tracking

Historical movements of vehicles are shown using a breadcrumb trail.

Location Management

The Location Management module allows you to define the geo-fence that will be used by other FLEETSPHERE modules.

Summary Report

Based on vehicle or driver the summary report provides the driven time, driven time %, idle time, idle time %, standing time, standing time %, time parked, time parked %, distance, engine hours and fuel consumption.


Users can also access their fleet data via FLEETSPHERE Light- a smartphone application that puts the control of your fleet in the palm of your hand.