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Address 2300, rue Jean-Perrin, Quebec, QC, G2C 1T9, CA
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CO2 Solutions completes first Alberta Oil Sands project milestones

CO2 Solutions Inc. has met and exceeded the first two technical performance milestones for its Alberta Oil Sands project. The Company demonstrated its patented carbon capture technology is at least one-third less expensive than existing carbon capture technology in terms of energy consumption, and can withstand the rigors of industrial application.

Enzymatic technology for low-cost CO2 capture in oil sands operations

The environmental footprint of unconventional hydrocarbon production from the Alberta oil sands has been a subject of growing interest both in Canada and internationally. Much of this interest and debate has been focused on the industry’s higher overall carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions footprint compared to conventional oil production. This has resulted largely from the combustion of natural gas to produce steam which is injected underground to produce this oil in-situ. With growing public concerns about the effects of global climate change brought about by rising CO2 emissions industry and government are focused on ways to tackle this challenge, with carbon capture and storage (CCS) being a mitigation option of major interest.