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Circulation tool saves time for North Sea operator

With more than 1600 runs and 730 activations, operators across the globe are cutting rig time by deploying the DAV MX CircSub, the flagship tool from specialist oilfield service company, Churchill Drilling Tools. Run in hundreds of wells every year and recognised for its reliability, resilience and versatility, the dart activated DAV MX is the ultimate downhole circulation tool. 

Churchill sees demand for dart-less activation

Churchill Drilling Tools has seen a growing demand for its technology with a record number of dart activations in August 2017. Operators are increasingly trusting Churchill's darts to activate downhole devices, with the company announcing the launch of a dart-less version of its Self Filling Float, the popular time-saving tool for running in hole in deep water drilling programs.  

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Drilling valve shows success

The DAV MX and its Smart Dart activation technology have been deployed across a range of drilling environments including deepwater, high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) and high-angle extended reach drilling (ERD). The Mechanical Extrusion (MX) system is significantly more reliable, faster and more cost effective than polymer extrusion, the process used for traditional ball-activated systems.

Churchill’s Self-Filling Float provides barrier on demand

An innovative self-filling float from Churchill Drilling Tools, which provides an effective barrier on demand, reduces costly intervention and combats pressure surge is set to enhance global drilling practices following successful deployments in the North Sea.