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New FM-approved liquid analyzer system safe for hazardous area duty

With its sealed explosion-proof enclosure and intrinsically safe sensors, the rugged X80-B88-S88 Liquid Analyzer System from Electro Chemical Devices (ECD) now features FM approvals, making it safe for use in hazardous areas in support of the most demanding applications within oil/gas production sites, refining operations and storage terminals; chemical processing plants; electric power generation; fertilizer production and storage; and other industries.

Multi channel controller from ECD allows precise process control

With its highly intelligent web-enabled design, the new LQ800 Multi Channel Controller from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) delivers a state-of-the-art total solution, combining advanced IoT liquid analytical measurement of 50+ parameters and precision process control of flow/level for a wide range of water-based industrial applications.

Liquid analyzers provide consistent process data

With their intelligent design, precision accuracy and excellent reliability, the family of modular S80-T80 Liquid Analyzers from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD)provides engineers and managers with the consistent process data they need to obtain and maintain a wide range of global, regional and local quality, environmental, safety and other certifications, as well as achieve government regulatory operational compliance.