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Conduct reliable hydrostatic pressure tests with AMETEK STC XP2i

Within natural gas systems, one of the most important methods to verify the integrity of pipelines is through the hydrostatic pressure test. Designed to test the transmission systems - one of the largest sections in a natural gas system - the hydrostatic test varies on the level of requirements. Depending on local regulations, it may require testing pressure and multiple temperatures in the pipeline for several hours prior to and after a pipe is put into service.

Ametek introduces AMEVision communication and display system capability for 3050 moisture analyzers

AMETEK has broadened its AMEVision communication and display system capabilities to include the 3050 series of moisture analyzers. Originally designed for WDG-V analyzers, the AMEVision system provides real-time moisture measurements and trend data while also detailing a variety of maintenance and troubleshooting information.

Fluid detector monitors fluid in tanks and piping

Ametek Drexelbrook has added the Clear Line Fluid Detector to its level and analytical measurement product line. The Clear Line is designed specifically for pipe and tank applications in hydrocarbon, pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries, where it monitors the presence or absence of fluid in a pipe to provide complete assurance that the tank is empty.

Pneumatic indicating controller

The Model 40 Pneumatic Indicating Controller from AMETEK PMT Products complies with EPA’s “Go Green” Initiative under the new Clean Air Act Standards. The Model 40 meets the QUAD “O” standards’ requirement of an exhaust rate not to exceed 6.0 standard cubic feet per hour.

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