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NOV launches GoConnect condition monitoring services

National Oilwell Varco, Inc. has announced the commercial launch of GoConnect condition monitoring services for intervention and stimulation equipment, which provides real-time process monitoring, predictive analytics, and condition-based maintenance capabilities for NOV's pressure pumping, coiled tubing, nitrogen, and wireline equipment. The GoConnect system uses machine learning to provide data-driven insights into the condition, health, and performance of customers' equipment and operations. The GoConnect system's capabilities allow customers to reduce downtime-related costs, enhance equipment performance, and improve operational efficiencies of completion services.

Challenges of heavy oils call for innovative downhole pumps

With recoverable reserves of heavy crude approximately twice as prevalent as those of light crude, it is no surprise that exploration and production companies continually seek to optimize production operations for this resource. There is a keen interest in finding innovative solutions to the unique challenges that heavy oil and oil sands present, especially in markets such as Canada where these properties are abundant.

Technological advances enhance PC pump systems for artificial lift solutions

Artificial lift performs a dual role in the production of oil and gas wells, lifting produced fluids from the reservoir when insufficient pressure exists and increasing the flow rate when sufficient pressure does exist. As a result, new developments or technological advances attract keen interest not only regionally but globally since production economics sit squarely in the balance on every well operated by the largest major to the smallest independent.
Recognizing the importance of artificial lift solutions for operators, National Oilwell Varco’s Monoflo group first manufactured Progressing Cavity Pumps (PC Pumps) in 1935 and broadened its product offerings to include packaged pumping systems and related capabilities.

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