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FortisBC secures first export contract for Tilbury LNG facility

FortisBC has entered into its first term supply agreement to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) for Top Speed Energy Corp. to export to China. This term supply agreement is an unprecedented development in Canada's LNG export industry and was made possible by the completion of the Tilbury LNG expansion project in Delta, B.C. earlier this year.

Natural gas supply still limited despite completed Enbridge pipeline repair

On October 31, Enbridge reported that it had completed repairs on its 36-inch natural gas transmission pipeline that had ruptured on October 9 near Prince George and that the company planned to bring the line back into operation as of today. The pipeline will not be at full capacity once it restarts. Rather, it will start at about 55 percent operating pressure and gradually ramp up to 80 percent through November.

Shipment of Canadian LNG heading to China

China's desire for liquefied natural gas is growing and China Energy Reserve and Chemicals Group is working with FortisBC to export Canadian LNG to help meet that demand. Twenty LNG containers are currently being filled for CERCG at FortisBC's Tilbury facility and will set sail for China shortly. More LNG shipments are being planned throughout 2018 to help CERCG meet the energy needs of its customers with a lower carbon alternative to more traditional fuels. 

First LNG shipment from B.C. to China launches as part of feasibility pilot

Canada's liquefied natural gas (LNG) export industry recently reached a milestone with the departure of its first shipment to China in a pilot project to determine long-term feasibility. LNG was supplied by FortisBC's Tilbury facility in Delta, logistics and equipment were provided by True North Energy Corporation and CIMC ENRIC Holdings Limited, and the cargo was shipped from Vancouver. 

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