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Paradigm Releases High Definition Enabled G&G Software Suite

Paradigm has announced the release of the latest extension of its Paradigm 14 solution suite. This version, Paradigm 14.1, enables broadband processing, High Definition (HD) imaging, quantitative interpretation, and advances toward high-definition earth modeling. The new HD modeling improves the accuracy of production forecasts with models that are more closely representative of actual subsurface conditions. Honoring both seismic data and geology allows users to better quantify uncertainty in their reservoir, resulting in lower-risk reservoir management decisions, and better production planning and forecasting. Building on the company’s heritage as an advanced science leader, this release allows customers to further integrate Paradigm science with even more software platforms, with the release of a new Petrel plugin.

PanAtlantic Exploration Company adopts Paradigm subsurface software suite for international deepwater exploration and production projects

PanAtlantic Exploration Company has adopted Paradigm geophysical and petrophysical applications for all of its exploration and production work in the deepwater environments of Brazil and Africa. PanAtlantic will use the Paradigm solutions for every step in the upstream workflow, from seismic processing and imaging through interpretation and modeling, reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering, and well planning and drilling engineering.