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Radio remote control offered for J D Neuhaus hoists and cranes

J D Neuhaus (JDN) has further enhanced their remote control capabilities. This innovation will bring exceptional ease-of-use and convenience to users across all industries. Three remote control models are now available, RC-X, RC S and RC-SP, each comprising of a transmitter and receiver and all can either be integrated in existing JDN solutions or directly combined with a new JDN hoist.

C rail and light crane systems designed for explosion and hazardous areas

J D Neuhaus, world leader in air hoists, cranes, trolleys and monorail hoists, is now introducing a range of C rail and light crane systems for operation with the company’s established and successful mini air hoist range. Both the C rail/suspension tracks and the light crane systems are rated for use in explosion and hazardous dust-laden areas up to ATEX Zone 2, 22.

J D Neuhaus Hoists Give Tank Cleaning a Lift

More and more companies are turning to air-operated hoists for effective ways to clean storage tanks. These innovative lifting devices, which offer precise load placement control through convenient hand pendants, are being used successfully for truck tank cleaning operations worldwide. In fact, J D Neuhaus air-operated hoists are deployed in a wide variety of transport tank cleaning applications, including road and rail transit tankers and marine transporters.

New Hydraulic Hoists Added To J D Neuhaus Range

Hoists incorporating the latest generation of super silent hydraulics have now been added to the J D Neuhaus range of high performance lifting and handling equipment. In both their Profi and EH monorail hoist ranges, units providing 75 and 100 metric ton lift capacities have been added. Where heavy loads are lifted and transported in highly restricted spaces with only minimum headroom, then a JDN ultra-low monorail hydraulic hoist range has been introduced, initially available with 50 and 100 metric ton lift capacities and designated as JDN UH 50-H and JDN UH 100-H.

User satisfaction with BOP handling equipment in offshore environment

Four J D Neuhaus EH 60 air operated monorail hoists supplied for offshore BOP handling have completed 12 months satisfactory operation to customer requirements and have also successfully passed their first annual inspection. These hoists were supplied and initially mounted in Norway by Westcon Løfteteknikk AS (WCL) at the Westcon yard, and were designated for eventual location on the Seadrill West Epsilon rig, which is classified as DnV, + 1A1 self-elevating mobile offshore unit.

JDN hoists provide 200 ton handling capacity on offshore rig

Four J D Neuhaus type EH50 air operated monorail hoists have been supplied and mounted by Westcon Løfteteknikk AS of Bergen to the Maersk offshore rig Guardian. These products have been specified for the synchronized lifting and handling of an 18.3/4-inch 15,000 psi BOP unit before and after drilling operations. Two hoists are each mounted on twin parallel overhead rails, with each hoist providing 50 ton load and 20 metre lift capacities for between deck operations. Removable connector bars have also been supplied for fitting between paired hoists on the individual rails to maintain a fixed working distance of 4,060 mm between the load hook centers. With the two sets of hoists operating together, a combined lift capacity of 200 tons is made available. The minimum horizontal travel distance of the trolleys with the connector bars fitted is 14.81 metres. The maximum available free travel without the connector bars in place is 18 metres, with the travel distance limited by pneumatic end switches mounted on the hoist trolleys.

Purpose-designed BOP handling system

A purpose-designed BOP handling system comprising twin air-operated monorail hoists with a joint lifting capacity of 200 tons has been supplied by J D Neuhaus. These hoists are a special compact design which has been developed to suit on-site operational requirements and each hoist represents a 45 percent reduction in the horizontal profile length compared to the JDN standard EH-100 product.

Largest ever J D Neuhaus crane system installed on offshore rig

The largest crane system constructed to date by J D Neuhaus has been delivered to Westcon Lofteteknikk AS (WCL) of Norway for use on an offshore drilling rig. The semi portal design comprises an A-frame supporting twin overhead horizontal track beams providing a 7.5 meter span.

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