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E-Z Line Pipe Support Co., LLC

Address P.O. Box 767, 21340 Hwy 6, Manvel, TX, 77578, US
Phone 713-675-6693
Fax 713-947-0768
Email [email protected]
Website ezline.com

E-Z Line Pipe Support Company is an industry leader for Pipe Supports, Pipe Clamps, and Pipe Guides.

Established in 1952, E-Z Line provided services and products to the petro-chemical, pipeline, and construction industries beginning with the development of the E-Z Line Adjustable Pipe Support. Fueled in the late 60s and early 70s by the expansion of the Houston petrochemical industry, E-Z Line expanded to include structural steel fabrication, designing and fabricating pipe racks, catwalks and walkways, platforms, and structural steel pipe supports. They continued to expand into the natural gas transmission industry by delivering E-Z Line Adjustable Pipe Supports and CSB (Pipe Clamp, Steel Shim Block, and Base Plate) assemblies, structural steel pipe supports, and platforms for natural gas compressor and meter station facilities in 1984. Today, E-Z Line supplies all major oil and gas companies with a wide variety of standardized and customized E-Z Line Pipe Supports, Pipe Clamps, Pipe Guides, and structural steel products and services.  

The E-Z Line Adjustable Pipe Support is available in a variety of head styles to accommodate your project support needs. Head options include Pipe Support, Valve Support, Flange Support, and Elbow Support. For special applications, pipe supports can be customized for your unique projects. Adjustable height capabilities of the E-Z Line Pipe Support allows for easy installation, maintenance, and inspection for pipeline corrosion and abrasion.

Being the industry leader, E-Z Line supplies standard size pipe clamps, guides, and shim block assemblies ranging from 2” to 54” P.S. Support heights are made to order, and load limits are designed per request. Coating options include a selection of galvanized, painted coatings, or uncoated.

E-Z Line is credited for developing customized standards for multiple oil and gas companies and provides clamps and shim block assemblies ranging in sizes 2” through 54” pipe sizes. In addition to standard sizes, E-Z Line fabricates custom clamps and blocks for those one-of-a-kind projects.

In addition to their pipe-related products and services, E-Z Line can fabricate a variety of structural steel products including platforms, stair assemblies, ladders, handrails, and pipe racks.

If it's made from steel, E-Z Line can design and fabricate it. The experienced E-Z Line team is available to discuss your project requirements. Contact E-Z Line Pipe Support Co. for your Pipe Supports, Clamps, Guides, and standard and customized structural steel products at (713) 675-6693, or by email at: [email protected].  

For more information, see the E-Z Line Pipe Support Co., LLC web site at www.ezline.com.