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Address 220 Bergey Court, New Hamburg, ON, N3A 2J5, CA
Phone 519.662.2840
Website argoutv.com

ARGO is the best selling all season, off-road amphibian in the world! No other vehicle satisfies so many needs. Cottagers, outdoor enthusiasts, search & rescue teams, utility companies, surveyors, and farmers all benefit from ARGO’s versatile and unique abilities. ARGO goes where others can’t follow! Since 1967, ARGO has been manufactured by ODG in New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada at ODG’s 121,500 sq.ft. (11,350 m2) facility. Our dedicated team of engineers, production and technical support staff has made ARGO the most reliable, amphibious, off-road, utility vehicle you will ever drive."

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New Entry-Level Argo Models Now Equipped With EFI Engines

Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. (ODG) has introduced two new models of its ARGO Frontier line-up, featuring new Kohler engines with electronic fuel injection (EFI). With EFI engines, the amphibious Frontier 6-wheeled and 8-wheeled UTVs now offer unmatched high-altitude performance along with easier, dependable cold-weather starts, significant fuel savings and simpler maintenance.

Argo Expands Utilization With Universal Mounting System

ARGO owners find even more uses for their vehicles with ARGO’s load-tested Universal Mounting System (UMS). This engineered mounting system significantly increases utilization by giving operators the opportunity to quickly, easily and safely convert their ARGO and ARGO trailer from one application to another, improving utilization.

Diesel-powered 8x8 vehicle

In response to market demand, Argo has extended its capabilities in the commercial sector with the introduction of the 8x8 XTD diesel-powered Argo along with other new equipment items: a load-tested Universal Mounting System (UMS), a utility box, an 8-wheel trailer, a heavy duty track system and a variety of factory-approved tools for specific industries.

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