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Mott offers porous metal spargers for chemical processes

Mott Corporation designs and manufactures a wide variety of sparging products ideally suited for gas dispersion into liquids for chemical processing. These spargers introduce gases through thousands of tiny pores, creating bubbles far smaller and more numerous that other sparging methods. Smaller bubbles increase the gas/liquid contact area reducing the time and volume required to dissolve the gas into the liquid.

Mott filters for industrial gas sampling

Mott all-metal inertial gas sampling (IGS) filters allow the collection of particle-free samples from virtually any gas stream. Gas streams that are heavily contaminated and run at extreme temperatures are no match for the durable and long lasting IGS filters. Typical applications include gas sampling in stack testing, utility coal pulverizers, lime or cement kilns, fluid catalytic crackers, coking oven off-gas atmospheres and general process control and emission control monitoring.