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Address 1540 Kalamalka Lake Road, Vernon, BC, V1T 6N6, CA
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Big tires, big troubles solved with Kal Tire Ultra Repair Program

Tires being used in off-road jobs like mining and aggregates take a beating every day of their lives. They're designed to take the rough ride and challenging terrain, but at some point many of them simply can't handle it anymore and suffer significant damage. 

Kal Tire Expands its Tire Monitoring Technology

Kal Tire Mining Tire Group is re-launching TTT—the True Tire Technology system that aims to considerably improve how mine sites monitor tire temperature and pressure in order to increase safety, tire life, fuel efficiency and mine productivity. Tires are one of the top three operating expenses of a mine site; only when running at optimal pressure will a mine site experience maximum value when it comes to savings and productivity related to this expense. In order to achieve this, a tire temperature and pressure monitoring system is required that is well designed,all aspects of it works in all environments, and has web-enabled management and reporting capability.

Big tires mean big challenges in oil sands

Mining operations, with their range of equipment needs, pose unique challenges for maintenance. Add harsh weather throughout the year and ground conditions that range from frozen ruts to soggy and sticky – that’s a different challenge entirely.