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Sealing plugs for heavy-duty applications

Pipe stopping and blocking where there are chemicals or high temperatures present can cause many challenges in a variety of industries including Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals. Furthermore, if those pipes have some small ovality problems it presents additional difficulties in order to achieve a good sealing.

Weld purge monitor designed for on-site conditions

Welders often face difficulties when working under the conditions experienced on-site. When welding critical joints on-site the challenges might come from exposure to extremes of heat and cold, harmful sand and dust and even hazardous fumes. Therefore using an expensive Weld Purge Monitor in such conditions may not always be ideal. 

Purge pipes at low cost with Weld Purge Film

When tubes and pipes of certain materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloys and zirconium are welded together, it is desirable to purge the oxygen out of the inside of the weld zone to prevent it from reacting with the hot metal and causing oxidation, porosity and corrosion.

Switch to MultiStrike for an improved Tungsten Electrode performance

Tungsten Electrodes are used when arc welding with the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) process or Plasma welding. It is necessary to grind tungsten electrodes after they have touched the molten weld pool or the filler rod to the tungsten, which is not only time consuming but can be a hazard to health.

Mechanical and inflatable methods of blocking pipes

The Pipestoppers Division at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques design and manufacture a range of mechanical and inflatable pipestoppers and plugs to suit every application. Their newest addition to the inflatable Pipestoppers range is the Pancake Stopper, for applications where insufficient length of pipe is available for the regular cylindrical or spherical stopper.

Block pipes instantly and effectively with Pipestoppers

The Pipestoppers Division at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT design and manufacture a range of Mechanical and Inflatable Pipestoppers and Plugs to suit every maintenance application. Their newest addition to the Inflatable Pipestoppers Range is the Pancake Stopper, for applications where insufficient length of pipe is available for the regular Cylindrical or Spherical Stopper.

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QuickPurge, High Speed Pipe Purging System

Waiting for pipe joints to be purged ready for welding can take anything up to four hours, depending on the diameter of the pipe being welding and the method chosen for purging. QuickPurge III cuts these waiting times so dramatically that they amortise themselves in less than one weld.

Upgraded High Speed Pipe Purging System

An upgraded Pipe Purging System has been introduced for High Speed Pipe Joint welding, by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT. Stocks of QuickPurgeIII are available for delivery world wide.

Updated inflatable pipe purging system

QuickPurge II joins an extensive family of inflatable pipe purging systems, including the PurgElite Tube and Pipe Purging range for 1- to 24-inch systems, the HotPurge inflatable pipe purging systems for pre-heated pipework, capable of resisting temperatures up to 700 degrees C (1,300 degrees F) for 24 hours and the Argweld single ended inflatable purge dams.

Tube and pipe weld purging systems

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has evolved the science of Weld Purging to new levels. Along with other recently announced scientific developments in its Weld Purge Monitor series, the Company has now reached the fifth version of its Tube and Pipe Weld Purge System designs by launching the new PurgElite range of Tube and Pipe Weld Purging systems for diameters from 1- to 24-inch diameter inclusive.