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CARBO Ceramics Inc.

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CARBO Introduces KRYPTOSPHERE: a new proppant technology

CARBO Ceramics Inc. unveiled KRYPTOSPHERE, an ultra-conductive, ultra-high strength proppant technology engineered to maximize and sustain hydrocarbon flow at high closure stresses for the life of the well, at the 2013 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana. The product will be introduced by CARBO’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Gary Kolstad.

Clearing up misconceptions abour proppants

In the hydraulic fracturing process guar gum is a key ingredient in the viscous fluids used to transport proppant, a granular material used to fill the fractures and prop them open once the high-pressure hydraulic pumping stops. Proppant-filled fractures allow hydrocarbons to flow more freely, increasing the productivity of fractured wells.