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Address Box 1054, Winkler, MB, R6W 4B1, CA
Phone 204-331-1800
Fax 204-325-7817
Email [email protected]
Website emsips.com

EMSIPS is an innovative Canadian company that manufactures Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) and constructs a variety of buildings for both Northern residential and commercial use. Our 5 inch Structural Insulated Panel is a polyurethane closed cell steel panel that provides exceptional strength. It boasts an R-40 insulation value and is mould resistant, fire resistant and rodent resistant.

The Tele-shop and Portable Wash-Shop are unique products to EMSIPS.

EMSIPS Tele-shop 18x48 in Down position - Sitting at a height of 11’6” it is ideal for moving this shop to another job site. The Tele-shop is constructed on a heavy I beam (W 12x28) frame which allows it to be set up on any level, well packed area.

EMSIPS Tele-shop 18x48 in Raised Position - Once on the job site the EMSIPS Tele-shop Raises to a Height of 16 in two minutes. The Tele-shop has the option of hooking up to a generator, ideal for off the grid locations.

EMSIPS Tele-shop Interior in Raised Position - Standard 12x14 Door in Door allows for easy access. Other standard Tele-shop items include: door recovery heating, 200 AMP service is external connection, electric overhead door, steel man door, T-3 Lighting, outside lighting, gear/electric lift system, welder plug, safety stands and pickup hooks. Options include in-floor heating, floor slope, floor centre trough, floor drain, custom electrical, ramps and door at each end for drive through.

EMSIPS Wash-Shop Drawing - Now available 18x65 Portable Wash Shop with 32 ft slide out. Uses the same telescopic technology of the Tele-shop that raises from 11’6 to 16 ft.

EMSIPS Wash-Shop Frame with Slide Out - Currently in production as of Feb 2014. This picture shows the heavy I bean (W12x28) frame and the slide out wall section under construction. This slide out will store the 4000 gallon water storage as well as the Hotsy pressure washer and heat exchanger.