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IRM Systems

Address 118 Vintage Park Blvd Ste. W,, Houston, TX, 77070, US
Tel 281-406-5861
Website irm-sys.com

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New approach to pipeline repair reduces costs in Indonesia

IRM Systems, the independent authority on emergency pipeline repairs, announced that as a result of a new and innovative approach to pipeline repair, it contributed to achieving dramatic cost-savings on the recent repair of a live subsea pipeline in the Java Sea, Indonesia. The objective of the operation was to seal a tear on a weld seam by installing a permanent repair solution.

Emergency Repair System Advances Reduce Time, Costs

In the wake of four major pipeline accidents in June, emergency preparedness is taking centre stage. With a leaking oil pipeline igniting a huge blaze in China, and pipelines exploding in Malaysia, Ukraine, and India, where 16 people were killed, operators of these and other pipelines are taking a hard look at how vulnerable their assets are to thirdparty threats. They are also evaluating whether they are prepared to respond rapidly with a repair solution, should disaster strike their critical lines.