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IRM Systems

Address 118 Vintage Park Blvd Ste. W,, Houston, TX, 77070, US
Tel 281-406-5861
Website irm-sys.com

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IRM Systems introduces valve integrity management solution

IRM Systems (IRMS) has announced the introduction of the Valve Integrity Management Solution (VIMS), an innovative method of maintaining critical pipeline valves to the highest performance standards and criteria that can save up to 70% in lost production, excluding the substantial cost of associated labour, equipment and specialists.

New approach to pipeline repair reduces costs in Indonesia

IRM Systems, the independent authority on emergency pipeline repairs, announced that as a result of a new and innovative approach to pipeline repair, it contributed to achieving dramatic cost-savings on the recent repair of a live subsea pipeline in the Java Sea, Indonesia. The objective of the operation was to seal a tear on a weld seam by installing a permanent repair solution.

Emergency Repair System Advances Reduce Time, Costs

In the wake of four major pipeline accidents in June, emergency preparedness is taking centre stage. With a leaking oil pipeline igniting a huge blaze in China, and pipelines exploding in Malaysia, Ukraine, and India, where 16 people were killed, operators of these and other pipelines are taking a hard look at how vulnerable their assets are to thirdparty threats. They are also evaluating whether they are prepared to respond rapidly with a repair solution, should disaster strike their critical lines.