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Productivity Increase for Bakken Wells Under Development by SRC

The Bakken formation has emerged as one of the most important sources of oil in North America. Thanks to advances in horizontal directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing, the Bakken, which occupies some 200,000 square miles under the Williston Basin joining parts of Montana, North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, produces over 10 percent of U.S. oil. North Dakota is now the second most productive oil state, behind only Texas.

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Research Offers Solutions For Oil And Mining Slurry Pipeline Challenges

SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre enables full-scale physical modelling of the complex pipe flow behaviour of slurries and crude oil mixtures. Photo courtesy SRC.

In mining and oil sands, one of the biggest challenges faced by operators is dealing with slurries – complex mixtures of solids and liquids – which need to be sent via pipeline for processing, treatment and environmentally-safe disposal.

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Are all excavators the same?

Among the top brands, many believe all excavators are the same. But when you look closely, you can spot the small differences in design that add up to huge differences in productivity and efficiency — differences that can boost your profitability. 

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