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ProOne Inc.

Address 940 South Coast Drive, Suite 200, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626, US
Tel 714-327-0262
Fax 949-777-6111
Email [email protected]
Website pro-one.us

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Lubricant designed for artificial lift systems

ProOne, Inc., which redefined the downhole drilling lubricant market with friction-beating XPL+ technology, has introduced ProFlow Production Lubricant for artificial lift systems (ALS). This nano-tech, patent-pending, bonding technology successfully addresses lubrication problems which cause inefficient production, high maintenance costs and untimely wear and tear. 

New CT drilling technology delivers downhole results

For oil and gas operators worldwide, friction has been the major nemesis of downhole drilling since the industry’s inception. Yet, despite the industry’s ongoing innovative technology as a whole, friction is the one problem that experienced no real breakthrough solution until scientists in a California laboratory developed a unique lubricant. That technology, after proving it could improve downhole drilling, became the building block for spin-off technologies including one for the increasingly popular coiled tubing (CT) drilling.