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Energy Recovery

Address 1717 Doolittle Drive, San Leandro, CA, 94577, US
Phone 510 483 7370
Website energyrecovery.com

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Under Pressure: Recovering Energy from Moving Fluids

Heat exchangers are ubiquitous in many processes that are present across the oil and gas industry and elsewhere. The concept of heat exchange – reusing heat generated in one process for use in some other area of a facility – is a familiar one that stretches right down to the heaters in our vehicles.

Energy Recovery Secures Contract with ConocoPhillips

Energy Recovery, Inc., the leader in recycling fluid pressure in the oil and gas, chemical and water industries, has announced that the Company has secured the first sale of its IsoBoost system for midstream gas processing to ConocoPhillips. Specifically designed to increase the runtime and reliability while lowering operating expenditures in natural gas processing, the IsoBoost is an integrated skid-mounted solution that improves uptime, reduces operating costs, and offers a return on investment as quick as six months.