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Crane ChemPharma

Address 4444 Cooper Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45242-5686, US
Phone 513-745-6000
Fax 513-745-6086
Website cranecpe.com
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New valves for extreme conditions

Engineered to address the inherent dangers of demanding applications, the Crane FKX 9000 adheres to the industry’s most stringent standards, delivering exceptional flow control, optimized Cv and low Delta P, as well as zero-leak* shut off in high-temperature applications, hydrocarbon service and emergency shut down (ESD) service. Featuring an optimized seat angle, metal-to-metal sealing, innovative stem seal and shaft design, and torque seating, this new valve offers numerous cost, safety and performance benefits. Originally available in sizes ranging from 3” to 24”, the Crane FKX 9000 will now be available up to 48.”