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Sproule launches new Canadian NGL Report

Sproule and GTI have announced a strategic partnership to deliver a jointly developed Canadian natural gas liquids (NGL) report to industry. The report provides an in-depth understanding of the economics of producing natural gas and NGLs. This monthly report leverages the expertise of GTI and Sproule principals to provide insight and analysis on the profitability of natural gas and NGL production at western Canadian gas plants. Included in the report are supply and price forecasts for gas and NGLs, netback analysis by component and a summary of the market dynamics that are affecting pricing along commentary regarding key developments and relevant news. 

NASTT No-Dig Show set for March 17-21 in Chicago

NASTT's 2019 No-Dig Show will take place March 17-21, 2019 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. The conference will host more than 200 exhibitors and over 2,000 attendees who include public works, contractors, engineers, utility owners, damage prevention and industrial facility personnel.

GTI quantifies opportunity to produce low-carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from wood wastes

Today, GTI has released a site-specific engineering design titled Low-Carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from Wood Wastes. GTI led a team of engineers and scientists to produce a "blueprint" for converting an existing biomass facility into an RNG production site, using the wood waste feedstock and some of the existing infrastructure. A biomass power plant in Stockton, California, was the host site for the engineering design effort. In addition to providing data about the process technologies, the integrated plant, and production costs, the study highlights the many environmental benefits and the low-carbon fuel produced. 

Fracturing test site allows study into optimizing technology for shale development

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and BHP Billiton Petroleum (BHP) signed a letter of intent for a Hydraulic Fracture Test Site (HFTS) to develop and test technology that will enable improved recovery, lower cost, and enhance the environmental sustainability of U.S. shale resources in the Reeves County area of the Delaware basin, a subset of the West Texas Permian basin.

Westport and Gas Technology Institute awarded $900,000 to advance natural gas combustion technology

Westport Innovations Inc. has announced that, together with the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), it has been awarded US$900,000 towards a program to advance state-of-the-art natural gas combustion technology. The work will feature Westport's enhanced spark ignited (ESI) natural gas engine technology and demonstrate "High Frequency Corona Discharge Ignition" on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner's engine. The engine has a displacement of between 1 and 1.5 liters per cylinder and is targeted at medium duty commercial vehicle applications.

GTI and COMPLY365 Partner to Bring Crucial Content Mobility to the Gas and Utility Sector

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) has entered a partnership agreement with Comply365 to bring transformational technologies to clients in the gas and utility sectors. GTI and Comply365’s combined solution, called the Mobile Energy Suite, will help clients immediately gain greater operational efficiency. This move is expected to begin a larger, industry-wide trend towards secure, paperless document management. Together, Comply365’s proven SaaS solutions for secure mobile content management and GTI’s industry-leading expertise will improve the speed of crucial content delivery and optimize the entire data management process for utility operations.

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