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Wajax Industrial Components

2200 52nd Avenue
Lachine , QC
CA, H8T 2Y3

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Drilling & Production

Lutz-JESCO pumps and pumping systems for harsh operating conditions now available from Wajax Industrial Components

MAGDOS DE-DX Metering Pump.

Wajax Industrial Components has added Lutz-JESCO dosing and metering pump equipment, chemical feed systems, and related components to its product portfolio, offering customers across Canada a variety of pumps and pumping systems designed for some of the harshest operating conditions that exist.

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Are all excavators the same?

Among the top brands, many believe all excavators are the same. But when you look closely, you can spot the small differences in design that add up to huge differences in productivity and efficiency — differences that can boost your profitability. 

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