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Automation making its way into on-site fuelling systems

In any operation that uses large vehicles, one part of the day’s productivity is always lost – refuelling time. When those vehicles pull off the haul route and into the fuelling station, they lose valuable time where product is not moving.

Transport-approved hybrid bulk fuel tank

The Transtainer is a hybrid bulk fuel tank that meets Transport Canada approval and offers the capacity to both transport and store diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel, and new and used oil. Recently approved by Transport Canada for the transportation of fuel on road, rail and sea, the Transtainer is also ULC approved for stationary use. Double walled with up to 21,000 litres capacity, the user-friendly Transtainer is environmentally sound. IMDG compliant, the CSC certified product is durable, weatherproof, tamperproof and also has the fuel suction and feed line capacity to power up to four generators at a time.