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Harnessing satellite technology for innovation and profitability in the oil and gas market

The RMU1 automated remote monitoring by Mobiltex Data powered by the Globalstar STX3 simplex global transmitter for cathodic monitoring of remote gas pipelines.

For companies operating in Canada’s oil and gas industry, harnessing the power of satellite technology is helping to open up new avenues for operational productivity and profitability. At a time when crude oil prices struggle to stay above $50 a barrel, and companies are trying to stay competitive in a global, data-driven mobile marketplace, satellite communications technology is helping oil and gas companies address key operational challenges and drive cost savings.

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SMARTONE satellite-based asset tracking management solution

Simplex data integrator Axonn LLC has launched SMARTONE, the Satellite Managed Asset Ready Tracker. SMARTONE is Axonn’s newest global asset tracking solution that utilizes the highly reliable Globalstar Simplex data network and enables customers to track the location of their mobile assets virtually anywhere.

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