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LxSix Photonics Inc.

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LxSix launches revolutionary LxSentry pipeline monitoring system delivering state-of-the-art security to critical infrastructure

LxSix Photonics Inc. recently launched the LxSentry Pipeline Monitoring System, a revolutionary fibre-optic pipeline intrusion and leak detection system that delivers new levels of detection and security over long distances. “LxSentry is a breakthrough in pipeline monitoring because it has the singular ability to monitor pipelines over long distances, up to hundreds of kilometers in fact,” Jim Andersen, General Manager of LxSix’s U.S. Division said. “Its acoustic sensitivity means that it can distinguish between different forms of interference with the pipeline, including leaks, intentional tampering, or work going on in the area that could compromise the integrity of the infrastructure.” LxSentry Pipeline Monitoring System automatically detects, locates and classifies noises and vibrations that occur within the vicinity of its rugged, damage-resistant cable. It can detect and distinguish among leaks, tampering, intrusions, digging, machinery or vehicles operating nearby and more. Its extreme sensitivityhelps pipeline operators prevent illegal tapping, intrusions and leaks that are undetectable by conventional flow metering.