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Harting introduces Han-Smart modular connectors

In launching the first Han-Smart modules, HARTING is bringing new, intelligent capabilities to the highly esteemed, customer configurable Han-Modular connector system. Until now, industrial connectors have been used exclusively as passive devices for carrying power, signal, data transmission and pneumatics - functions they continue to provide. However, with Han-Smart solutions, connectors can provide added value while beginning to evolve into active devices to serve the needs of future manufacturing. These three modules are just the beginning:

Six trends driving IIoT infrastructure development

Six key trends are driving HARTING's development program for the cyber-physical control infrastructure needed for advanced manufacturing. HARTING's strategy, outlined by Jon DeSouza, President and CEO of HARTING Americas to guests at the company's Open House at EDS Summit 2018 in Las Vegas, covers the company's solutions for the digital production environment. 

HARTING connectors provide corrosion resistance in harsh conditions

HARTING's new M12 INOX connectors are made of high grade stainless steel to provide superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments, indoor or outdoor. M12 connectivity is standardized and reliable, widely used in industries like transportation, factory automation and robotics. M12 connectors stand up well in most applications, even outdoors, but when the operating environment is especially harsh - for example, extreme salt spray or mist - a stainless steel connector like the IP 65/67-rated M12 INOX is required. 

Connectors for explosive environments now available in North America

HARTING's Han Ex connector series have been certified to the National Electric Code's NEC 500 standard for use in Class I, Division II hazardous locations, making them available for use across North America. An ideal alternative to hard-wiring electrical connections, the Han Ex range is particularly well-suited for applications in the oil and gas, mining and chemical industries and in process automation. When compared to hard-wiring electrical circuits, Han Ex connectors increase installation speed and safety while reducing downtime for maintenance downtime and trouble-shooting. 

MICA edge computing system offers wireless functionality

HARTING's compact yet powerful edge computing system MICA (Modular Industrial Computing Architecture) now offers wireless functionality. HARTING teamed with Arrow Electronics, a member of the MICA.network, to develop the MICA Wireless Sensor Networks solution that adds wireless communications to the machine-monitoring system. The two companies unveiled this MICA enhancement at last week's SPS IPC Drives trade show in Nuremberg, Germany.

Field RFID reader product range expanded

Following the introduction of the compact, robust Ha-VIS RF-R3x0 reader product range with two antenna connections, 500 mW power output and comprehensive software functions, HARTING has now expanded on the powerful 4 Field Reader. The Ha-VIS RFID Reader RF-R400 provides concentrated RFID performance with robust M8 and M12 connectors. 

Spring-loaded frame makes modular connector assembly easier

With the introduction of a new spring-loaded frame to the Han-Modular building block system, Harting is making it even easier and faster to create a modular connector that precisely fits each application. The Han-Modular lineup now includes over 100 different modules for power, data and signal that can be combined virtually without limitation. 

Pneumatic module metal connector withstands pressure up to 10 bars

With robust metal contacts that can be plugged and unplugged at least 10,000 times, the new Han Pneumatic Module Metal from HARTING presents another significant cost- and space-saving opportunity to use connectors to streamline flexible production processes with high mating cycles. The Han Pneumatic Module Metal can withstand pressure up to 10 bars, covering the entire low pressure range. This compares with an upper limit of 8 bars for the existing Han Pneumatic Module with plastic contacts. With pneumatic modules, users can route compressed air feed through the same connector along with power and signal lines rather than having to set up and maintain a separate compressed air connection for drive units, control units, brakes, holding and unloading units and much more.

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